Glowing Dawiso logo representing single spot that is used to access all and any data.Glowing Dawiso logo representing single spot that is used to access all and any data.Dimmed Dawiso logo representing single spot that is used to access all and any data.

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Dawiso is where data meets business. A single workspace that elevates data democratization, knowledge management, and collaboration. Tailored to your niche.

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Dawiso introduces a unique treatment of linking business semantics & technical metadata.


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Perfect support for data-driven company management

The list of critical areas for the new data catalog tender was rather long, ranging from efficient cataloging of data through to documentation, to the facilitation of the development of a uniform business vocabulary applied across the company.

A platform for processing data from 30+ financial institutions and over 370.000 DWH tables

Komerční banka uses a very extensive data system and, in addition to its own data warehouse, operates and develops data warehouses for more than 30 large banks.

Finally, nobody thinks twice about where to find the information they need

We provided a solution for a central data portal that delivers information about data and metadata using a unified, easy-to-understand interface. Most tasks carried out using the data portal can be easily automated.

Effective and Secure Knowledge Base for Nuclear Power Plant

Security, reliability, and at the same time simple management. Any good system for editing company technical documentation should have such features- and in the case of a nuclear power plant, this is exceptionally good advice.

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We're regularly expanding our range of connectors. Looking for something specific? Tell us more so we can add it to our extensive ecosystem.

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