One Hub Connecting 30+ Financial Institutions

Simplifying Work with Data and Reports in a Large Enterprise.

The Client

KB Group, a member of the Société Générale international financial group, is a major financial services company based in Czech Republic. It manages an extensive data ecosystem and develops data and analytics solutions for over thirty financial institutions worldwide.

The Problem

The objective was to provide employees from all associated institutions with a single workspace. This workspace would allow them to easily and quickly search among tens of thousands of tables, reports, and terms. Given the multitude of data sources, it was essential to ensure easy navigation and provide crucial context for maintaining high-quality data by offering a clear view of data flows.

The Solution

To meet these needs, Dawiso was implemented as an extensive metadata and data catalog. For this, our team developed new features and scanners tailored to the pre‑existing data sources. These scanners are now accessible to all Dawiso clients who employ similar workflows. We have also helped to identify the necessary metadata to effectively organize the amassed data.

“We use Dawiso as a metadata platform that simplifies working with data, reports, and terms across the complex system of KB Financial Group. It helps our data teams in their daily work and enables other divisions to easily participate in creating new documentation.”

Dawiso: A Single Workspace for Data and Knowledge Management

Dawiso is a single workspace that elevates data management maturity, knowledge management, and collaboration. By linking business semantics with technical metadata, it serves as a unified system for information and metadata management, catering to all teams and user roles.

Main features of Dawiso solution for KB:

Unified Metadata Hub

The information is available at one place and regardless of the source of origin of the data. Dawiso brings together the company’s business dictionary, documentation and technical metadata from a range of platforms that were previously used in more that 30 financial institutions.

Data Automation Excellence

Automation eliminates manual tasks like copy-pasting definitions and linking specific parts of text in documents, enhancing both data accuracy and reliability.

Continuous Updates

Dawiso is consistently updated to stay ahead of evolving data needs. While a dedicated support team is available for assistance, users also benefit from a range of training materials and resources.

Clear & Contextual Display

Business data and metadata are presented clearly and contextually. Dawiso showcases text, images, charts, and structured metadata. Through links and relations, users can craft organized data lineages and knowledge graphs and navigate all related data assets with ease.

Customized solution

Dawiso is designed to adapt to the unique requirements of enterprises of any sector and any scale. Even the biggest ones.

Metadata Automation Excellence

Simplified and automated data and metadata management eliminates the need for manual searching, copy-pasting, or linking of metadata. As an active metadata solution, Dawiso autonomously handles most of these tasks, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

The Impact

Dawiso’s data catalog links data and metadata from over 370,000 data warehouse tables. It references hundreds of reports and thousands of terms from various glossaries. All this information is now centralized, ready for everyday updates and expansions as needed.

“Dawiso automatically loads millions of objects from databases and data models, presenting and making them accessible to users from various departments in a meaningful way. As a result, the work of analysts and developers has significantly accelerated, and the number of errors and delays in working with data has decreased.”

Key Numbers

  • 370 000+ data tables in 30+ DWHs
  • 2 000+ reports
  • 6 500 business terms
  • 650+ GB of structural data in Dawiso
  • Scanners for Teradata, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Cognos, PowerBI, PowerDesigner, Manta, orchestration
Vojtěch Faist
Customer Success Manager
Vojtěch Faist
Customer Success Manager

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