Secure and structured platform for digitised nuclear power plant documents

As a next-level information management platform, Dawiso is introducing robust support for compliance and agile content management in the nuclear power industry. Dawiso has transformed CEZ Group‘s approach to documentation and knowledge management. By offering a versatile, agile, and secure platform, Dawiso addresses CEZ‘s challenges and streamlines complex processes. The platform proves to be an essential tool for CEZ‘s ongoing digital transformation, while also providing robust support for compliance.

The Client

CEZ Group, a European leader in electricity generation, distribution, and trading, harnesses a diverse array of energy sources, including nuclear facilities. With rigorous standards for quality and safety governing their tools and processes, the company found that their existing documentation system needed a new set of tools for better content management. Consequently, CEZ initiated a tender to seek an innovative solution.

The Problem

For years, CEZ relied on a complex system to meet its unique requirements for managing comprehensive structured documentation. Unfortunately, the system turned out to be no longer flexible, nor cost-effective.

"CEZ was searching for a new solution that meets the highest security requirements and can manage the complexity of documentation for the standardized processes in nuclear power plants. We need to keep track of responsibility, versioning and track every little change and complex dependencies in the documentation. Dawiso does all of it plus it’s flexible and user friendly, which is a must for a modern documentation management."

The Solution

The initial focus of the solution was on generating detailed documentation for nuclear power plants, intended for the Nuclear Safety Authority. With the help of Dawiso, this focus later expanded to include complete management of operating regulations.

Dawiso serves as a cross-device platform that simplifies the management of structured documents while introducing an information lifecycle feature. Rather than relying on simple text formats, the platform stores data in a structured manner. These features streamline maintenance, document creation, collaboration, and the complex content approval process. Hosted on CEZ's own infrastructure, the platform is web-accessible based on user permissions, ensuring both flexible and secure data access.

"What's most impactful for us is how Dawiso has effectively consolidated the agendas of multiple departments into one streamlined production workspace. It unified our documentation processes, eliminating redundancy and enhancing efficiency."

Dawiso: A Single Workspace for Data and Knowledge Management

Dawiso is a single workspace that elevates data management maturity, knowledge management, and collaboration. By linking business semantics with technical metadata, it serves as a unified system for information and metadata management, catering to all teams and user roles.

Main features of Dawiso solution for CEZ:

Agile Content Management

Utilize a rich text editor along with diagramming and modelling tools for document creation. All changes are tracked through versioning and undergo a transparent approval process.

Data Automation Excellence

Automation eliminates manual tasks like copy-pasting definitions and linking specific parts of text in documents, enhancing both data accuracy and reliability.

Clear & Contextual Display

From text and images to charts and structured metadata, Dawiso provides a multifaceted information view. Users can instantly understand information network and navigate related data assets.

Friendly and Flexible UX

An intuitively designed interface ensures users of all expertise levels can operate the system with ease, eliminating the need for extensive reading of product documentation.

Customized solution

Adaptable to enterprises of any size and sector, Dawiso offers a tailored experience that addresses specific pain points.

Security & Compliance

Prioritizing data security, Dawiso incorporates robust user and access management system to meet the industry standards and support regulatory audits.

The Impact

The adoption of Dawiso has significantly streamlined documentation preparation through automation and its information lifecycle feature. Information can now be mirrored across multiple documents, ensuring consistency in terms and parameter definitions.

Not only has document navigation improved, but creating and exporting reports for both daily tasks and regulatory audits has also become more efficient.

"Dawiso helped us to bridge the gap between departments. We're dealing with nuclear power plants so there's no room for error or low-quality data. Dawiso enables every department to contribute, edit, and maintain documentation while meeting stringent quality controls. It's effectively turned our documentation into a community-driven, yet highly secure, knowledge base."

Key Numbers

  • Scanned over 4.5 GB of data
  • Hundreds of thousands of pages
  • (Preserved not only raw text but also formatting, attachments, images, hierarchy, and document structure.)

"We were concerned about how Dawiso would handle the massive wave of onboarding without problems. Scaling any system to accommodate hundreds of new users is a challenge. However, our concerns turned out to be unfounded. Dawiso was well-prepared and executed the onboarding process smoothly, thanks to optimization updates beforehand."

Next Phase

With Dawiso's support, CEZ is advancing its digitization efforts and continues its onboarding process. The company aims to introduce its new knowledge base to more teams while exploring and customizing additional applications for the platform.

“As we plan to use Dawiso more extensively, we are now looking for additional support for broader digitization and cross-device access, so that we can also access the content through mobile apps.”

Vojtěch Faist
Customer Success Manager
Vojtěch Faist
Customer Success Manager

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