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Connecting It All: Power BI, Wherescape, Snowflake, Azure Data Factory, SQL, and the Entire Data Community Meeting in Dawiso.

The Client

Stora Enso is a publicly traded renewable materials company valued at over $12 billion with a strong focus on innovation and digitization. Using data for decision‑making is part of its strategy to become a data‑driven organization

The Problem

When the company opened a tender for a new data catalog solution, the list of critical areas was rather long: from efficient cataloging of data through to the documentation of the data to the facilitation of the development of a uniform business vocabulary applied across the company.

The Solution

We fed into Dawiso data from many sources, from databases to data lakes and reporting, and developed several custom integrations to ensure that Dawiso includes all the data and metadata processing capabilities required by Stora Enso.

We also used an advanced database API in order to enable Stora Enso to transfer data from the portal running in the cloud to its on-site environment. This approach enables the company to integrate its internal systems very closely with the data portal. This makes it possible, for example, to display information from the catalog directly in Power BI reports or to upload their own data lineage to the catalog. Along with the organizational structure, we also assisted Stora Enso in achieving a suitable ordering of cataloged data acquired from diverse environments (DEV, QAS, PROD). Dawiso team also ensured that searching and processes were reconciled to the fact that an object can exist in several environments simultaneously.

“Compared to other providers, Dawiso focused from the outset on implementing the data catalog solution across the complete lifecycle of working with data, utilizing the existing content and contributions from the initial parameter specification and analyses to documenting technical details of the implementation of data solutions across the various platforms. We are confident that this approach will produce a high-quality data catalog that will greatly assist in the implementation of our overall data-driven strategy.”

Dawiso: A Single Workspace for Data and Knowledge Management

Dawiso is a single workspace that elevates data management maturity, knowledge management, and collaboration. By linking business semantics with technical metadata, it serves as a unified system for information and metadata management, catering to all teams and user roles.

Main features of Dawiso solution for Store Enso:

Unified Metadata Hub

The information is available at one place and regardless of the source of origin of the data. Dawiso brings together the company’s business dictionary, documentation and technical metadata from a range of platforms deployed across the organizational structure.

Efficient Collaboration

Departments can produce content, like documentation and methodology. This content can then be associated with, for instance, scanned metadata, fostering seamless collaboration between the business and data management sectors.

Data Automation Excellence

Simplified and automated data and metadata management eliminates the need for manual searching, copy-pasting, or linking of metadata. As an active metadata solution, Dawiso autonomously handles most of these tasks, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Clear & Contextual Display

Business data and metadata are presented clearly and contextually. Dawiso showcases text, images, charts, and structured metadata. Through links and relations, users can craft organized data lineages and knowledge graphs and navigate all related data assets with ease.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Dawiso seamlessly integrates into your existing environment. Its scanners are compatible with a wide array of data and analytics platforms, ensuring that prior solutions are built upon, and no data is lost in the transition.

The Impact

The whole portal was structured in a way that matched the complex organizational structure of the company. Processes were automated and we developed a detailed preview of data lineage across the complete customer environment. We also provided a wealth of consulting services as well as step-by-step guidance on the path of configuring data governance processes.

The Dawiso data catalog is now an essential string to Stora Enso’s bow. It enables the company to control its data and can rely on its data in day-to-day operations and decision-making.

“A good solution does not stop with the software but includes people too. The Dawiso team has been and remains on hand, assisting with the adoption of the data catalog solution and with improving our data governance maturity.”

Key Numbers

  • 1000+ business terms in the dictionary
  • 800+ workspaces and 4500+ reports scanned from Power BI
  • 35+ Snowflake databases with 5000+ spreadsheets and overviews
  • 5 MSSQL databases with 2500+ objects
  • Integration of client’s application for administration of Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Factory pipelines (14+ containers, 1700+ file formats, 280+ pipelines)
  • 2500+ objects from WhereScape
  • Metadata retrieval from DBT cloud environment used in designing a data warehouse structure and data quality management
  • Enabling of the complete data community (500+ users) to create content
Vojtěch Faist
Customer Success Manager
Vojtěch Faist
Customer Success Manager

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