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Data Products

Data products enable organizations to further enhance their data-driven strategies. For this framework to succeed, it is crucial to implement strong governance and management tools. 
Connects business with data
Easily share to collaborate 
Clear ownership and governance

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Sharing data products is easy with our Marketplace. Anyone can now see the list of available products, find out how to use them, and even open them directly in some cases.

Metadata Scanners 

With our Data Ingestion, you can connect to any data system you want and load metadata within seconds. This allows you to build data products on top of existing systems.

Business Connections

To keep definitions consistent across products, connect them to definitions in calculations stored in your Dawiso Business Glossary application.

Data Products App 

Designing Data products in Dawiso is easy due to our dedicated Data Products application. Here you can wrap data objects into a product, manage data contracts and keep track of each products lifecycle stage.

Dawiso makes data governance simple

Dawiso is where data meets business. A single workspace that elevates data democratization, knowledge management, and collaboration. Tailored to your niche.

Brings data
to business

Dawiso introduces a unique treatment of linking business semantics & technical metadata.


Connect Dawiso to any tool & integrate with any existing enterprise ecosystem.

your growth

Designed for teams of all sizes with unlimited connectivity & community contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you build products directly in Dawiso?

Sadly, no, Dawiso allows you to design data products, but they have to be built using other tools. You can use any tool you want.  To make things easier we have partnered with Keboola, who can facilitate the building of products.

Can we design our own Data products lifecycle?

Yes, you can easily tailor the entire lifecycle of your data products to your specific data mesh methodology.

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