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Interactive Data Lineage

Empower your data teams with intuitive and interactive lineage visualization and analysis tools by Dawiso. Explore all data flows enriched with your specific metadata.
Reduces costs
Simplifies navigation
Increases trust in your data

Check out the key features

This is how Dawiso elevates each data lineage to the next level.

An in-depth overview at a glance

Embrace clear and intuitive interface that allows you to visualize and explore data flows. With interactive data lineage, you can quickly identify all relationships and dependencies between different data sources and systems.

A truly universal repository

Store metadata of all types, from data platforms to operational and business metadata. Don’t worry about the scale. Dawiso has a powerful search engine.

Prevent risks & ensure compliance

Use lineage to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR or CCPA, by providing detailed tracking and auditing of data flows. You can even share diagrams with the regulatory body.

Automated mapping that saves your time

Dawiso simplifies the mapping of data flows by automatically linking data assets using lineage metadata from platforms and data frameworks such as DBT tool.

Do you want to use custom lineage from your development framework or custom tools? No problem! Integrate them with Dawiso, so everything is available in one place.

Dawiso makes data governance simple

Dawiso is where data meets business. A single workspace that elevates data democratization, knowledge management, and collaboration. Tailored to your niche.

Brings data
to business

Dawiso introduces a unique treatment of linking business semantics & technical metadata.


Connect Dawiso to any tool & integrate with any existing enterprise ecosystem.

your growth

Designed for teams of all sizes with unlimited connectivity & community contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I save my lineage analysis?

Yes, you can save your analysis for later or directly share it with others.

What type of lineage is automatically ingested?

Dawiso ingests lineage metadata provided by the platform itself which is typically a table level lineage. You can ingest table as well as column level lineage from DWH automation frameworks like DBT. We also have a beta program for SQL parsers providing column level lineage.

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