From Scratch to Comprehensive Data Governance in 78 Days

In just 78 days, P3 Parks has implemented a fully functional data governance solution by deploying Dawiso, which is now helping P3 manage their data and definitions. Dawiso has become a part of the P3 data stack and contributes to the ongoing and successful P3 data-driven transformation journey.

The Client

P3 Parks is a logistics real estate investor and developer. To this day, P3 operates 298 properties (logistic parks, warehouses, and office buildings) with over 7.6 million square meters of usable space across all of Europe. P3 is currently going through a data transformation with its data team.

The Problem

For a long time, P3 was storing its data mainly in Excel files. Currently, a new solution is being developed by the P3 data team based on Keboola and Tableau. To support this new approach to data, it was decided to implement a data governance tool — for the first time in this company. The requirements were simple: it had to be cost-efficient, with helpful data features, easy to use, and ready to onboard a large community of users. At first, P3 tried an open-source solution for their data catalog but it fell short when it came to fast implementation, range of features, day-to-day support and in the end even the operating costs.

The Solution

With its gradual pricing & scaling plan, Dawiso is perfect for companies that are starting with data governance, such as P3. Dawiso connectors for Keboola and Tableau scanned metadata into the Dawiso environment, and this data automatically generated data lineage across the systems. Other connectors were used to import data and terms from other files into one workspace. This quick implementation kick-started the fast adoption of Dawiso.

For successful adoption, it was crucial to simplify the UX of the workspace so that it serves all users. This level of customization is achieved by packages – a few lines of code that edit the appearance and experience of Dawiso. These low-code updates were delivered by our team as part of the implementation support, but they can be further modified by P3 developers as well. The final phase was the integration of P3 Dawiso to their own Azure Active Directory. This opens Dawiso to all P3 users to access the data, business terminology, and participate in creating new content.

Dawiso: A Single Workspace for Data and Knowledge Management

Dawiso is a single workspace that elevates data management maturity, knowledge management, and collaboration. By linking business semantics with technical metadata, it serves as a unified system for information and metadata management, catering to all teams and user roles.

Main features of Dawiso solution for CEZ:

Unified Data Portal

The information is available at one place regardless of the source of origin of the data. Dawiso brings together the company’s business dictionary, documentation and technical metadata from a range of platforms deployed across the organizational structure.

Data Automation Excellence

Automation eliminates manual tasks like copy-pasting definitions and linking specific parts of text in documents, enhancing both data accuracy and reliability.

Clear & Contextual Display

Simplified and automated data and metadata management eliminates the need for manual searching, copy-pasting, or linking of metadata. As an active metadata solution, Dawiso autonomously handles most of these tasks, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Clear & Contextual Display

From text and images to charts and structured metadata, Dawiso provides a multifaceted information view. Users can instantly understand information networks and navigate related data assets.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Dawiso seamlessly integrates into your existing environment. Its scanners are compatible with a wide array of data and analytics platforms, ensuring that prior solutions are built upon, and no data is lost in the transition.

Cost-Efficient with a Highly Engaged Community

Tailored for teams of varying sizes, starting from just five members, Dawiso allows for gradual onboarding without disrupting daily operations.

The Problem

With the help of Dawiso, P3 progressed in its data governance – from a mere idea to an environment with relevant content, ready for a thriving community. All important data is now in one place. The data team can use it as their starting point for developing new data solutions without any hassle or chaos – because they can be sure to find the latest information and data flows in Dawiso.

Key Numbers

  • 78 days from the beginning of the implementation to a fully operational solution
  • 300+ users ready to be onboarded
  • 66 000+ scanned objects
  • 3 000+ imported terms  
"We were concerned about how Dawiso would handle the massive wave of onboarding without problems. Scaling any system to accommodate hundreds of new users is a challenge. However, our concerns turned out to be unfounded. Dawiso was well-prepared and executed the onboarding process smoothly, thanks to optimization updates beforehand."

Next Phase

P3 Parks is adding more features and objects to Dawiso. P3 also continues the onboarding of its users, and at the same time, the special documentation is being created to support onboarding and employee training to ensure the best practices of day-to-day data operations.

Vojtěch Faist
Customer Success Manager
Vojtěch Faist
Customer Success Manager

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