Gain confidence in your financial KPIs

Standardize your reporting metrics

Track your data with confidence

Don't let unpredictable KPIs keep you awake at night. Dawiso’s KPI catalog eliminates reporting inconsistencies and delivers clear definitions and actionable insights for confident financial decisions.
Find out how to implement data governance in finance teams. Your step-by-step guide to data strategy.
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1. Struggling with inconsistent KPIs
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2. Centralize your KPI knowledge
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3. Trust your numbers
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Are you struggling with inconsistent KPIs?
Finance leaders often face challenges with inconsistent KPIs due to varied definitions and calculations, along with difficulty in tracking and accessing source data. 
Have all your KPIs centralized in one place! 
he centralized resource allows you to access all KPI’s definitions and understand their connections to your data quickly. 
Have complete trust in your numbers
Now you can finally trust your KPIs and make truly informed decisions. 

Get full confidence in your KPIs


time savings 

Save up to 30% of your data analysts' time with data governance. They no longer have to debate the correct way to calculate KPIs.


of organizations

Let us help you take the first steps. In 55% of companies, finance leaders are the main drivers of data governance implementation.


of leaders

After implementing data governance, 85% of data governance leaders reported increased trust in their organization’s financial data.

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