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Explore the right Dawiso solution

The Dawiso platform is quite generic and can support several use cases. The primary solution areas are as follows.

Knowledge management

Record your knowhow, manage the information lifecycle and link it to your active metadata.

Data lineage

Map the data journey, where it originates and how it flows.

Data governance

Govern your data, support data owners and stewards in their responsibilities.

Data catalog

Scan for your data assets and provide a single inventory to search and navigate in your data landscape

Data discovery

Discover your data, understand the patterns in the data and dependencies.

Business glossary

Manage your business terminology to improve business understanding and data literacy.


Specify your requirement, design your solutions, collaborate on documentation.

Metadata management

Bring all your metadata to a single repository, make the metadata active, achieve value from integration.

Have you found the solution you are looking for? It would be great now to see a demo. Otherwise, we can still talk about your specific requirements.


Consider your roadmap

Great! So, we are aligned. We understand your goals and have the proper solution you are looking for. Before you jump-start the implementation, it's good to understand a few important points that strongly affects the success of the solution in the long term.

Recognize the community
Plan to involve gradually as many people as possible. Whoever can add value to the platform content should be enabled to do it. We see unsuccessful solutions simply because of contributor limitations.
Improve incrementaly
Wisely identify sources of metadata to be integrated. Focus on the most valuable sources of information. Besides scanning the standard system catalogs, consider your custom sources of metadata.
Count with customization
Bring your specifics to Dawiso. In our experience, each company is rather specific, and it is valuable to support this. At Dawiso we can easily set up customized meta-models and UI configuration to tailor-make implementation.
Plan long-term, deliver quickly
Data governance and knowledge management is a long-term challenge. It's not about the platform, it's about practice, effectiveness of processes and user adoption. Your roadmap follows its course.
Based on your identification of the community and scope, you can evaluate pricing from the vendors. Beware of price traps. Dawiso will beat the competition in scaling while keeping to a reasonable price.

You can progress to start your Dawiso implementation

If you would like to help with project planning, the roadmap and other considerations, let's talk to our experts or implementation partners.


Launch the implementation

Let's roll out

You can build up your first content quicky. No need to worry about months of implementation even with tailored implementation.

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Roll the snowball

You have successfully started the solution and you have your first fans. Now comes the hard part. Rolling the snowball - extending the community and bringing life to the platform.

Extend the community
Gradually buy-in new users. Each new user can benefit from utilization of existing content. Moreover, they can extend the content and multiply the value. Don't worry about content management for different groups of users. Dawiso can support separation of content with proper segmentation of viewing rights per user.
Inject Dawiso into daily workflows
Value comes from valuable content. A lot of information can be generated, but still a human contribution is critical for processing information into knowledge. Actual and valuable content can be maintained by counting with Dawiso in daily workflows of people, when supporting their primary tasks.
Extend scope of metadata and information
By covering new areas of structured metadata, you can attract new users and improve value for current users.  Add operational or DQ metadata from your orchestration framework. Add shared company code tables. Listen to the community and understand the jobs to be done.
Start to contribute from the idea process
Data knowledge is especially hard to catch after data assets are already developed. It is essential not to miss the opportunity to record know-how as early as when commissioning the development of fresh solutions, when business analysis and solution design is being created. These value assets are often lost in communication, project files and ticketing platforms.

Don't miss the inspiration in the case studies of our customers who are successful in the long-term execution of their transformation strategy with Dawiso.


Benefit from value of your investment

By embarking on the Dawiso transformation journey, you will gradually benefit from a lot of positives and turn the corner on your current difficulties.

Data everywhere, but nobody knows where.

You struggle to find the data even though you are sure it must be somewhere. There's a lack of data documentation from the business perspective to the implementation detail.

In one place, not all over the place.

You have a single location for data knowledge. No matter your role, you are always empowered to find, understand and navigate in your data landscape to use data for your decisions.

Feel like a newbie over and over

Knowledge is not shared and kept and is lost each time an employee leaves. You have a tough time finding the right person to ask.

Be a pro empowered by collective knowledge

You act as a professional enlightened with collective wisdom. Company know-how is always there and the community has got your back.

High-cost solution but still not enabled for the whole community

You worry about the cost of the current solution and ROI is very low. The price increases immeasurably after including more users. People with knowledge are not allowed to contribute, which prevents them from adding value to the content.

Reasonably priced solutions enabling the entire community

The Dawiso license model supports the growth of your community. Everyone in the organization can be enabled to collaborate while still keeping TCO to a reasonable extent. With a combination of broad content that is both human and automated scanner generated, overall information value increases and great ROI is delivered.

Data amounts to IT assets that the business does not understand

You experience a lack of data documentation from the business perspective to implementation detail. The business speaks a different language in different departments and there is a weak link between business and IT terminology.

Data literacy and democratization

The business shares its vocabulary across all departments. Data is understood and communicated effectively by all.  All levels of workers are empowered to find the right data, build knowledge, make informed decisions, and communicate meaning to others.

There are much more gains to obtain of course. See how the introduction of Dawiso has helped our customers

or contact us and have a chat.

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Up to 5 GB.
$49per user/month
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Grow the community.
Best for 75-400 users.
Up to 50 GB.
$29per user/month
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Designed for large organizations with specific needs. Enables On-Prem deployment.
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