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Introducing new AI-powered features in Dawiso

Dawiso, a modern Data Governance Platform, introduces several innovative and enhanced AI-powered features that enable organizations to gain unparalleled insight and understanding of large-scale data ecosystems. The new features extend the dozens of existing features already in place. These innovations enhance collaboration between data teams and people across the enterprise, making it even easier for them to work with data in a user-friendly environment. New features are launching in December.

Here are some of the new features:

  • ChatGPT powered Help Me Write and AI summary
  • New Data Integration Engine
  • Low-code configuration

Powered by chatGPT's large language model, Dawiso is also introducing two other game-changing features. The "Help Me Write" feature enables users to effortlessly define business terms, conduct specification analysis and describe data assets, overcoming contributor paralysis.

Dawiso's AI Summary feature automates the generation of descriptive summaries for objects, saving time and streamlining content creation. Without breaking a sweat.

Both features, currently in preview mode, can be enabled upon request for existing customers, offering the flexibility to use their own chatGPT account or Dawiso's.

Dawiso is proud to announce the redesign of its robust integration engine, enhancing its capabilities for an even more efficient user experience. In its current form, the three most commonly used applications will be available to users. Namely, it includes SQL Server, Power BI, and Snowflake. This feature gives users a high level of control over the scanning and integration of data from different sources, as they can manage it themselves. The latest enhancements include a groundbreaking direct pull pattern (in addition to our existing push pattern) from the cloud and micro-batching functionality that facilitates frequent metadata updates. This upgrade simplifies the process of connecting to and integrating data from diverse sources, with regular updates expanding the list every week. Currently, the Dawiso team is also constantly working on fine-tuning the data lineage feature.

Data management is all about people and how they work together. To optimize the usability of our data tool for non-developer users, the Dawiso team has developed a low-code configuration. An intuitive low-code simplifies the customization of its platform to align with your unique metadata model requirements. Low code enables easy customization of the software environment without extensive programming knowledge. The customer receives a tailored solution that meets their needs perfectly.  Configuration is done in a JSON file, and you can effectively design your custom Dawiso applications in the integrated Microsoft VS Code editor for the Web.

Supporting Multi-Cloud Infrastructure with Enterprise Metadata Solution

Most organizations using public cloud services prefer to work with multiple providers. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, 81% of public cloud users said they actively work with two or more providers. As organizations move to multi-cloud architectures, they face the critical task of redefining their strategies in areas such as implementing effective data governance policies. Managing data in a multi-cloud infrastructure is much more difficult than in an on-premises or core hybrid cloud environment. Dawiso helps companies get a clear and complete picture of their data, whether it is in the public or private cloud, or on-premises. It allows you to gather all your special catalogs into one organized catalog for your company.

About Dawiso

Dawiso democratizes data, making it accessible to all regardless of technical knowledge. With its unique components, Dawiso offers diverse application possibilities. It is a strong foundation for an advanced BI portal. The Dawiso team is constantly adding new features and improvements on a weekly basis, which anyone can now try for free in the trial.