June 18, 2024

Dawiso was part of the Data Project Challenge 2024

Prague, June 27, 2024 - On Tuesday, June 18, another edition of the Data Project Challenge competition took place at the Přítomnost cinema in Prague, where students of the Data and Business Analytics master's program at VŠE in Prague presented their data solutions with potential practical applications.

Dawiso was actively involved in the event in several ways:

Dawiso member on the jury: One of our colleagues Vendula Andrýsková was part of the semi-final jury and evaluated the presented projects.

Data solution for Dawiso: One of the projects focused on creating an integration platform for Dawiso, which resembles a minimalist warehouse. Data for analyzing user statistics was to be integrated into the platform.

Winning intern from Dawiso: One of Dawiso's interns, Martin Sklenička, became part of the winning team with the Study Buddy project. This is a VŠE chatbot that helps students understand study materials by answering questions and providing relevant scripts.

Students had three months to prepare their data solutions. However, they did not always have to start with the design from scratch. Many of them had the opportunity to work on specific assignments from companies that were facing real problems in their field. The companies became active partners in the entire process and collaborated with the students, providing them with the necessary materials or test data and consulting on the progress of the project. For example, the Keboola Team presented a project focused on increasing revenue through better processing of business leads.

Winning project

In addition to project preparation, students took courses focusing on various soft skills, such as presentation skills, to prepare them for the final day. These are an important factor influencing the outcome of the final presentation. And there was a lot to play for. The winning five-member team took home a prize of 40,000 Czech crowns.

The all-day event included presentations of all 18 competition teams in English, of which the five best advanced to the final, where they faced the final jury in a changed composition. The winning product was Study Buddy, which impressed the jury not only with its innovative and effective solution, but also with its excellent presentation and well-developed technical documentation. One of the jurors stated that the students' performance in presenting their project and answering challenging questions had a significant impact on their overall scores. It was crucial for the students to demonstrate a thorough understanding of their project during the question-and-answer session.

The winning project Study Buddy wins 40 000 Czech crowns

The client for the winning product was the VŠE itself. Teachers should upload learning materials to the chatbot. It would draw on this information and be able to answer questions about the material being covered. Buddy can then be asked a question such as "What is criminal law?" to which he will give a brief answer and provide the script from which he drew it. The virtual assistant helps students understand study materials and is faster and cheaper than competing products.

Data Project Challenge 2024 showed the talent and creativity of VŠE students. FIS VŠE and Dawiso actively cooperate and support innovation and the development of young talent in the data world.