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Dawiso Marketplace Launched: New features & streamlined experience

Streamline your data management with one click. Dawiso has launched an updated trial experience packed with features designed to simplify and streamline the data governance process. Central to this update is the introduction of the Dawiso Marketplace, a revolutionary one-stop shop for data applications within the Dawiso environment.

Dawiso Marketplace: Effortless Access to Powerful Data Tools

The Dawiso Marketplace eliminates the need for time-consuming manual setups, allowing users to discover and install powerful data applications like Diagram with just a single click. This empowers data teams to:

  • Effortlessly install applications: One click brings the latest data apps to their fingertips.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Automatic updates ensure applications are always running on the newest version.
  • Future-proof their platform: Easily access exciting new apps as they become available.

Explore the ease of Dawiso Marketplace:

Along with the Dawiso Marketplace, this update introduces several powerful features to further elevate the data governance experience:

  • New connectors: Integrate easily with leading data sources. New connectors (added to our wide list of integrations) streamline the process of connecting Dawiso to popular data sources, including dbt, Keboola, DataBricks, Google BigQuery, Kafka, and Amazon Redshift.
  • Enhanced data ingestion tracking: Users gain clear visibility into the progress of their data at every stage, from initial entry to successful processing.
  • Improved user management: Assigning users to specific groups simplifies user addition and management.
  • Simplified onboarding: A new checklist guides users through the initial setup process, ensuring a smooth and efficient start.
  • Comprehensive package documentation: Every package in the Dawiso Marketplace includes detailed installation instructions and a usage guide, ensuring you understand the structure, requirements, and functionality of each tool. From identifying essential keys, names, and icons to providing step-by-step setup directions, our documentation is designed to simplify your experience. Previously, setting up an app from scratch could take months, but now, well-documented packages mean you can get up and running quickly, reducing time spent on trial and error.

Data teams can sign up for a free Dawiso trial and experience the power of the Dawiso Marketplace and its comprehensive suite of data governance features.

About Dawiso

Dawiso introduces a metadata management platform that offers a custom modern framework for rapid deployment of data management processes. It acts as a digital library for information about your data and stores details such as the type of data, the date it was created, its owner, and what it relates to. This makes it much easier to find and use specific data sets. Dawiso's AI tools simplify the process of finding and working with data, making it more accessible to all.