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Dawiso to Showcase Transformative Data Management at the Nordics' Largest Data & AI Event: The 9th Data Innovation Summit

Stockholm, Sweden – In a data-driven world, businesses often struggle to unlock the critical insights hidden within vast amounts of information. Dawiso, a provider of data catalog solutions, is stepping up to address this challenge at the 9th Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm, on April 24th and 25th, 2024. This event is the biggest and most important yearly gathering in the Nordics for data and artificial intelligence (AI) experts. It brings together top minds to share innovative ideas and push forward the use of data in business.

As the largest and most influential annual data and AI gathering in the Nordics, the Data Innovation Summit is the epicenter of transformative ideas and cutting-edge solutions. With over 300 industry experts sharing their insights, the Summit serves as a hub for innovation, providing attendees with valuable knowledge to improve their data strategies and stay ahead in the business intelligence space. Dawiso is at the forefront of this transformation, demonstrating how its innovative data management solutions can drive growth and innovation across industries.

At the Data Innovation Summit Dawiso will showcase its innovative approach to advanced metadata management solutions. Attendees can expect a compelling 30-minute session that dives into:

  • Easy Data Catalog Setup: Dawiso makes it simple to start using a data catalog, helping businesses quickly gain control over their data.
  • AI for Better Data Governance: Dawiso uses AI to make data governance easier.
  • Tools for Everyone to Use Data: Dawiso's platform is user-friendly, making it easier for everyone in a company to access and understand data, which is essential for successful analytics projects. Clients benefit from Dawiso's cost-effective solution that delivers rapid results, facilitated by a smooth implementation process and an intuitive user interface.

Simplifying Data Management for Advanced Analytics Success

Extracting valuable insights from complex data landscapes is a challenge that can hinder growth and innovation. Without proper data governance, businesses struggle to leverage the true power of advanced analytics, like predictive modeling, ultimately hindering their ability to compete.

Impact on customer success

Stora Enso, a leading company in renewable materials in the Nordic countries

For Stora Enso, a leader in renewable materials, Dawiso delivered a comprehensive data catalog solution that tightly integrates diverse data sources with their internal systems. The work included custom integrations and advanced functionalities to improve data accessibility and actionability within Stora Enso's complex structure. This transformation has streamlined processes, clarified data lineage, and aligned seamlessly with Stora Enso's strategic aim to evolve into a data-centric organization.  

Data governance helps Stora Enso achieve its ambitious sustainability goals, especially in areas like climate change, biodiversity, and circularity. Dawiso ensures consistent collection and reporting of sustainable forestry practices, resource usage, and emissions data, promoting transparency and building trust with stakeholders. By responsibly managing data governance and adopting a data-driven approach, they build credibility, identify areas for improvement, and adjust strategies accordingly. Stora Enso can optimize opportunities by analyzing resource usage, carbon footprint, and product lifecycles. Data governance also facilitates LCA studies, assessing products' environmental impact to develop carbon-negative products for a regenerative future.

KB Group, part of the Société Générale international financial group

Dawiso has empowered KB Group, part of the Société Générale international financial group, to master its vast data ecosystem. Customized solutions have streamlined KB's data management, organizing over 370,000 data warehouse tables and integrating hundreds of reports and terms into a centralized, easy-to-update system. This transformation has significantly enhanced the efficiency and accessibility of data across the organization, enabling seamless daily operations and innovation.

Having a well-established data governance system and data catalog allows the bank to comply with and exceed regulatory expectations. Being able to show where data is stored and how it flows through the organization increases trust not only with regulators but also within the bank.

About Dawiso

Dawiso introduces a metadata management platform that offers a custom modern framework for rapid deployment of metadata management processes. It acts as a digital library for information about your data and stores details such as the type of data, the date it was created, its owner, and what it relates to. This makes it much easier to find and use specific data sets. Dawiso's AI tools simplify finding and working with data, making it more accessible to all.