Big Data: Can we trust how it is managed? Find out at the Data Analytics Summit in Berlin

Berlin, Germany, May 30, 2024 – Dawiso, the main exhibitor sponsor, will be showcasing its innovative data analytics solutions at the upcoming Data Analytics Summit in Berlin on June 13-14. The company's team of experts will be available to discuss how organizations can navigate complex data analytics environments with transparency and scalability. The event offers a platform to explore the latest trends, challenges, and the future of data analytics. Visitors gain exclusive insights, success stories, and best practices to elevate their data strategy.

Organizations today struggle to extract valuable insights from complex data sets due to a lack of transparency and scalability in traditional analytics methods. Dawiso's innovative data analytics solutions address these issues directly and provide a clear view of the origin, ownership, and flow of data.

Use, manipulation, and storage of big data throughout its lifecycle

Big data, characterized by its volume, velocity, variety, and veracity, presents both opportunities and challenges for organizations. While the sheer volume of data holds great potential for uncovering valuable insights, it also introduces complexities of management, analysis, and interpretation.

As an example of big data initiatives focusing on CRM in financial services and the importance of data governance, consider the global growth of marketer-funded reward programs. These programs enable businesses from different industries to come together, providing customized offers like discounts, cash back, and rebates to members of a sponsor's loyalty program (e.g., a bank or other financial institution). Loyalty program members receive rewards in exchange for allowing businesses to use their personal (e.g., transactional) data to generate commercially valuable insights for merchants. Big data has evolved from a byproduct to a source of significant business opportunities across multiple industries.

Big data governance encompasses policies, processes, and institutions designed to manage and control the acquisition, use, manipulation, and storage of data throughout its lifecycle. In addition to legal regulations, companies are also focusing on self-regulation, which involves organizing and managing data, including aspects of data security.

Issues such as data organization, metadata compilation, data integration with business processes, information lifecycle management, privacy, and security are coming to the forefront through the debate on how to maximize the value of data. In addition, individuals are willing to share information about themselves if they can trust the organization on the issue of good data governance.

Dawiso's solutions address these complexities by providing a comprehensive data governance framework that ensures data consistency, and security. Big data includes both structured and unstructured data. Data governance includes processes and procedures for collecting, cleaning, storing, and managing data. These processes help to ensure that unstructured data is usable for analysis and that reliable insights can be derived from it.

About Dawiso

Dawiso introduces a metadata management platform that offers a custom modern framework for rapid deployment of metadata management processes. It acts as a digital library for information about your data and stores details such as the type of data, the date it was created, its owner, and what it relates to. This makes it much easier to find and use specific data sets. Dawiso's AI tools simplify finding and working with data, making it more accessible to all.