Elevate Knowledge management with

Data Warehouse Design

Successful knowledge and analytics management relies on identifying goals, challenges, and opportunities with precision. Data Warehouse Design ensures high-quality results for your data projects.
Preserves know-how acquired during the analytical process
Improves data quality management
Supports collaboration among data teams

85% of big data projects fail. But there's a solution.

DPD #1
Start With Design
Design and documentation are essential for effective metadata in data solutions.
DPD #2
Guard Metadata
Dawiso prevents the loss of crucial metadata, facilitating future development and cooperation.
DPD #3
Keep Going Strong
Dawiso maintains knowledge and insights, so your data community can focus on innovation.

Check out the key features

Dawiso provides a range of features that foster collaboration and amplify each team member's productivity.

Engage your community by giving them a single workspace

Work together and create documentation from the start. Record the WHYs and HOWs so you never lose track of what to do next. Dawiso focuses on collecting business metadata and building a semantic layer along the way of the development. More information enrichment can be done at any time later.

Engage your community by giving them a single workspace

Just write it down. Simply

Create analytical documentation easily with Dawiso's WYSIWYG rich text editor, link existing data assets or embed attributes.

Just write it down. Simply

Visualize your ideas & create wireframes

Integrated diagramming and modelling tools allow you to create data wireframes that let you visualize your semantic and conceptual models, as well as your reports.

Visualize your ideas & create wireframes

Save time with automation

Dawiso offers seamless integration with technical metadata: automatic scanning and linking of metadata and tracking of all changes and discrepancies in implementation.

Save time with automation

Get everyone on the same page

Create your own business glossary to streamline the collaboration of your team and ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to data design and implementation.

Get everyone on the same page

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Dawiso integrate with DWH automation tools?

Yes, we support scanners for DBT, WhereScape, Coalesce.io, VaultSpeed, BigEval.

How will Business Glossary help me?

The usage of a Business Glossary increases confidence in the meaning of your company’s data by standardizing terms and definitions. It also shows where terms are used and which data collections contain data corresponding to the term and definition.

Which data, analytics, and BI platforms can I integrate to Dawiso?

Our metadata scanners cover Snowflake, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Teradata, Postgres and Azure Data Lake. For BI platforms Dawiso can integrate to PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik. See the documentation for up-to-date information.

How is that 85% of big data projects fail?

This is an estimate from ex-Gartner analyst Nick Heudecker. The common problem is a lack of trust in data, so even with great technology, many projects fail simply because they didn't engage with stakeholders from the beginning. Dawiso offers a solution that allows all stakeholders to get involved as soon as possible, enabling their active participation in the development process and the opportunity to express their needs and expectations.

Does Dawiso support API integration?

Dawiso supports Database API and you can use it to integrate data from Dawiso to other systems. This feature is part of the Enterprise pricing plan.

Can we integrate Dawiso with LDAP?

Yes, your IT administrators can integrate Dawiso with IDM/LDAP. This ensures the synchronisation of user accounts and groups. Dawiso roles are assigned and managed centrally. Users can login to Dawiso with their corporate identity (single sign-on).

Does Dawiso integrate with Jira / Git / SAP Power Designer / who-knows-what...?

Yes, we integrate all of these applications, and our integrations are continuously extended. For up-to-date information about our integrations, you can visit our documentation or contact us to check and discuss your technological stack.

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Perfect support for data-driven company management

The list of critical areas for the new data catalog tender was rather long, ranging from efficient cataloging of data through to documentation, to the facilitation of the development of a uniform business vocabulary applied across the company.

A platform for processing data from 30+ financial institutions and over 370.000 DWH tables

Komerční banka uses a very extensive data system and, in addition to its own data warehouse, operates and develops data warehouses for more than 30 large banks.

Finally, nobody thinks twice about where to find the information they need

We provided a solution for a central data portal that delivers information about data and metadata using a unified, easy-to-understand interface. Most tasks carried out using the data portal can be easily automated.

Effective and Secure Knowledge Base for Nuclear Power Plant

Security, reliability, and at the same time simple management. Any good system for editing company technical documentation should have such features- and in the case of a nuclear power plant, this is exceptionally good advice.

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