Frontend Developer for Metadata Management Platform


Do you have experience with the TypeScript programming language? At Dawiso, we are now investing heavily in development and gradually expanding the team. We are currently looking for a Frontend Developer.

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About Dawiso

Dawiso s.r.o. is a part of UD4D group, provides customers with their own unique data governance platform - Dawiso. Implementing Dawiso helps companies work efficiently with their data - find them, understand their meaning and context, and manage information about them all in the one place.

What will be your tasks?

  • Active participation in the development of new features.  
  • Close collaboration with colleagues from the development team.  
  • To specify new features, you will work closely with our product and UX teams.
  • You will be responsible for writing automated tests.

We're looking for you if you:

  • have any experience with TypeScript.
  • are already an experienced programmer, you may have experience with a programming language other than TypeScript.
  • have a desire to learn new things. But you should have experience with at least some of the following technologies: React (or another modern framework), Git, HTML and CSS, RESTful APIs.
  • have a passion for programming. It doesn't matter if you don't have any real work experience yet, but you are post-grad or in your final year of college and not quite a junior.

And what do we offer you?

  • An interesting project on the wave of current trends. An opportunity to grow in a dynamic start-up that values your ideas and proactive approach.    
  • Full-time employment.
  • When you join, you will be paired with a dedicated colleague available to support you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Friendly work environment: Be part of a friendly and supportive work environment.  
  • A diverse team of enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Flexible schedule. You'll enjoy the flexibility to manage your hours.
  • Great financial compensation that fairly rewards your skills.

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