Documentation Content Creator for SaaS product Dawiso

Full-time / Part-time

Do you have experience in writing product documentation for different users? Dawiso is looking for a Technical Writer to join our dynamic team and contribute to the development of our software platform.

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About Dawiso

Dawiso s.r.o. is a part of UD4D group, provides customers with their own unique data governance platform - Dawiso. Implementing Dawiso helps companies work efficiently with their data - find them, understand their meaning and context, and manage information about them all in the one place.

What will be your tasks?

  • Build a Help Center with us that can compete with the best modern SaaS products on the market, such as Figma, Linear, Miro or Notion.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of our SaaS platform.  
  • Create comprehensive product documentation for different types of users, from business users to system administrators.  
  • Your work will result in the creation of user guides, online help, storylines, release notes, API documentation, and maybe even videos to make it easier for users.  
  • Primarily, you will work closely with the UX department, product managers, and developers to document the implementation of new features and minor enhancements.  
  • You will structure the documentation to match user workflows.  
  • You will also use visual elements such as architecture diagrams and workflow diagrams to enhance the clarity of the content.

We're looking for you if you:

  • have an excellent command of the English language: excellent writing and editing skills in English, you don't use the Czech language very often in your texts.  
  • strong ability to understand complex technical concepts and communicate them effectively through text and visuals.  
  • adherence to style guides: experience writing according to a style guide.  
  • initiative and accountability: Demonstrate a sense of responsibility and initiative to ensure timely delivery of content.  
  • focus on quality: Take pride in the quality of your content.  
  • have at least 2 years of technical writing experience in a software environment, or talent.  
  • We'll let your results speak for you! We'll evaluate your skills based on a sample of your writing and send you an assignment.  
  • While experience is expected, you don't need to be a senior writer. A modern outlook and a desire to improve are important.

And what do we offer you?

  • Full-time employment. (But we are open to individual needs. If you need to work part-time for personal reasons, such as maternity leave, 3/4 time is also possible.)
  • Flexible schedule. You have the flexibility to manage your work schedule.  
  • You'll enjoy a beautiful view from our office in the heart of the city. We need you in the office at least three times a week.
  • Friendly work environment: Be part of a friendly and supportive work environment.  
  • Opportunity to grow in a dynamic startup that values your input and initiative.  
  • Great financial compensation that fairly rewards your skills.

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